My name is T.J. Pluhacek. I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts, where I am a student at Berklee College of Music. It is my goal to use songwriting as a means of sustainability advocacy.

I began playing the guitar at age 7, after watching a PBS special about the legendary folk group Peter, Paul, and Mary, though my interest was truly piqued when I found some of my dad's old Beatles CDs the following year. My dad bought me an old electric guitar for $50, and I started learning to play rockabilly, early rock-n-roll, and country. (I was obsessed with Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash as a kid.) After taking lessons for a year or so at the local guitar store in my home city of Omaha, Nebraska, virtually everything I have learned musically has been self-taught. (The ear is a powerful tool!) As I sought to get involved with other musicians, I dove into electric blues and then into early acoustic blues and ragtime, which led me to also playing folk. I got on a kick of rearranging dixieland jazz songs for solo acoustic fingerpicking guitar as a teenager, which eventually led me to taking jazz (primarily bebop and swing) quite seriously. I also gained an affinity for Hawaiian music of the 1920s and 1930s and taught myself to play the steel guitar. At the end of the day, I'm a country musician at heart, but I enjoy how jazz expands my musical ability and understanding.

More recently, my musical energy has been redirected toward using music for the public good, such as Pete Seeger and Peter Yarrow did. In my view, we all must do everything we possibly can to help to solve the world's many environmental crises. While pop culture, and music specifically, have played a great role in the civil rights movement and, more recently, in the LGBT rights movement, environmental issues have been overwhelmingly ignored by the music industry. Therefore, with my versatile writing ability and my broad musical understanding, I believe that I am in a good position to write music that promotes environmental consciousness. My studies at Berklee are proving to be quite eye-opening.

In addition to music, my interests are pretty broad. I hold a degree in statistics, math, and biology from Oregon State University. When I was younger, I developed one of the first iPad apps and one of the first apps in the Mac App Store (which was, for quite a while, the top-selling note-taking app in the store). In my free time, I enjoy reading environmental philosophy and spending time with my rabbit Dickens (named after Grand Ole Opry icon Little Jimmy Dickens).